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October ~ 10:10 ~ Full Moon

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Image: Endre Balogh Art

By tuning to the frequency of Cosmic~Heart, the ancient crystal light~codes of your own energy~matrix are integrated in your heart~center. The vibration level of your heart expands and open up to higher frequencies...

Breathe deeply and remember your multidimensionality: Breathe... and remember: ... You are Crystal~Soul. Breathe... and remember: ... You are Love. Breathe... and remember: ... You are Light.

When you follow your soul not only in the magic times of cosmic moments but in every moment of your linear life, you begin to manifest into the material world from a higher soul~level. Through this experience, you learn to empty yourself, release your assumptions, your prejudice, your expectations, and create from 'non~attachment to things'.

When you doubt your fears, not yourself, then you can truly finally release your fears and trust the divine flow of the energy of creation and allow the pure power of the universe to pour through you as manifestation.

When you recognize the Miracle of Light within yourself and you let it shine entirely through you, the power of your love~light can touch others at heart and at cell levels through which they can experience their own Light~Miracle.

Remember, dear soul! You have intentionally incarnated into this time and space to assist with the evolution of consciousness. You are the awakening that breathes the magic of love and light into a troubled world.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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