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10.02.2024 - Lunar New Year -the Year of the Dragon

The Lunar New Year begins on February 10, 2024, we enter the year of the Yang Wood Dragon.

The dragon is one of the most favourable signs of the Chinese zodiac, characterized by profound spirituality, and the ability to swim, fly, walk on land and travel between dimensions. The dragon represents strength, courage, prosperity and luck, but it is also a symbol of peace and unity.

Dragon energy is believed to help sharpen our intelligence, spirituality, and consciousness and support our understanding of the world around us so that we can expect greater awakenings during the year, and we can gain deeper wisdom as the months progress.

The Year of the Dragon can also advance the deepening of our self-awareness if we are ready for it. Return to the heart and open to reception. Let's ignite the dormant light~core within us under the protection of the Dragon's embracing wings. Dare to rely on our intuition, dare to go against the norms, and let the creativity flow. Let's indulge ourselves in heart-centered everyday life. Let's manage our ego, don't let it take over our lives any longer, and let's get out of the hamster wheel of procrastination, which so often traps and blocks our life energy. We can look at our lives from above, interpret our reactions from higher perspectives, and intuitively feel the root of our problems. Let's take advantage of the opportunity, and use the dragon's supporting/dissolving/strengthening energies during the year. Let's finally be honest with ourselves, bravely face our grievances swept under the carpet, and resolve the tensions hidden in our subconscious.

The Wood element helps to soften and slow down the Dragon's energy, it is associated with stability, creativity, honesty and loyalty. The Dragon is highly innovative and confident, but the wood element allows him to take the time to build solid foundations.

The Yang quality associated with the Wood Dragon represents decisiveness, action, and boldness.

I wish you all a Soul~ Purifying, Light~Conscious Year of the Dragon.

Love & Light

Lilla Sz

Intuitive Therapist

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