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5-5-5~Light~Portals in May

In addition to the powerful May energies which are already supporting the awakening of the Soul, we will have the opportunity to connect to the groundbreaking energies of the Universe 3 times this month through the frequencies of the 5-5-5~Light~Portals:

*** 05.05.2021 *** 14.05.2021 *** 23.05.2021 ***

Those who really want to change can receive a powerful boost in the expansion of their light~consciousness, they can be fully in tune with the Source~energy and the Light~intelligence of the Higher Self. Here is another opportunity to realize, to understand the lessons, to release the weights of the draining energies, to let go of the toxic bonds, to awaken from the illusions of the physical world, to clarity. If so far your fears, disbelief, doubts have built and defined your world, then it is time to give a chance to love, trust, faith, unity, consciousness, and Light as well. The path to this is always through the heart. Connect with the pure Light of your soul, step into the power~field of your Light~Heart.

Of course, as always, we must emphasize that total honesty, profound constructive self-criticism, are essential conditions for all this since with superficial honesty we can only achieve the appearance of change that will sooner or later backfire in our physical world.

You can reach a turning point in this period if you take the possibility of these sacred~portals ahead of you seriously. These are the Light~gates that help your transformation, increase your vibrational level, and expand your consciousness, pay attention to the guiding signs and messages. Integrate spiritual teachings and wisdom into your physical world. Finally begin to truly believe in the care of the Source, in the protective and guiding power of the Light~essence dormant within you, waiting to shine.

Feel the plan of your Cosmic~Heart. Remember... Recharge your outer and inner worlds with Light. If you can, spend as much time in Nature as possible, as Mother Earth is a sacred~embodiment of the wonderful flow of the Source.

Blessings & Love

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

Image: Endre Balogh Art

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