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3-7.07.2021 - The Sirius~Stargate

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Every year during the first week of July, a sacred~energy~portal is activated between the Earth and the star Sirius, offering us the opportunity for light~consciousness and spiritual development.

In this period the Sun and the Earth are further apart, so the energy~effect of the Sun is weaker on our planet, allowing the Light~channel of Sirius, called the Earth Spiritual Sun, to rule powerfully.

During this time, we can more easily tune to the higher frequencies of star Sirius, access its light~energies, and if we open ourselves, we can also receive messages, downloads, light~codes that might help to further awaken our consciousness.

Let's take advantage of this wonderful Light~Portal. Let's express our intentions clearly, let's take our resolutions, goals, promises seriously, let's finally give up on our own duality. Let's decide whether to further strengthen our Light in this life or to carry on the low vibration of our old selves. Let's not throw the great words of change unnecessarily around, if in the absence of the energy of our perseverance, they become empty words in the dominant veil of our ego selves. Let's feel in our guts the soul-lifting need for wanting to change and hold on to our Light~seed with whole-hearted humility. We have cosmic support for all of this as well.

Our heart is the centre of our strength. Our creation can be most effective when we let our thoughts come from the loving space of the heart. It is worthwhile to focus on this in the current period of light~conscious~flow as the vibration of Sirius makes the pure intuition, which is based on the pure heart, more perceptible. Let's transform the negativity within us with the spiritual light flowing from our heart center so that we can open and connect with our~heart~light to Sirius. Let's feel that the Light sets us free. Let's allow our whole being to be permeated and our earthly heart to fully merge with our cosmic heart.

By chakra and aura cleansing, meditation, and third eye activation, we can help to integrate these powerful spiritual energies into our lives. Feel free to contact spiritual guides, spiritual helpers, angels, or our higher self for confirmation and guidance. Use Terra Tachyons, which will help speed up the whole process if we don’t resist. In the realm of the Tachyons, here on Terra, the light blue Starring represents the star Sirius. Of course, any shape and color support the experience of this period as well.

May this be a magical time, the beginning of a new era in our lives. Let's have the courage to transcend our own limits, let's finally dare to live in our Light, also to raise the level of global consciousness. Let's express our gratitude for this wonderful cosmic support.

May the Sirius~Light~Blessings accompany the path of every pure-hearted soul.


~ Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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