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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

As long as you carry the energy of self-pity and victim role within you, you will lock yourself in an emotional prison. It carries the block that you don’t feel, you can’t feel the love of yourself. You shut yourself off from the Light, you do not leave even a little gap in your soul to notice the miracle of your own light.

You cling to the past, the low vibration of past imprints, past grievances, past conflicts, accuse others or yourself, you compromise because you will not allow your heart to open to the self-love, and as long as you choose to do so, you will be attracted to abusive, negative energies. You use all excuses and distortions not to love yourself. But you expect others to pay attention to you, to love you. You cling to external confirmations, creating disturbing energies in your power~field by it.

If you’re ready to let go of these blocking energies that suppress your self-realization and self-fulfillment, then stop the accusations and accumulating excuses because it’s all just a distortion from experiencing your own light~essence. Stop blaming anyone, your parents, your children, your partner, your past, your society, your life, or yourself.

Don't cling to your past. Understand, at last, you are not what you’ve done in the past, you are not what you’ve achieved in the past, you are not your diplomas hanging on the wall or just the lack of them. Yes, the past shapes you, but it cannot define you. The past teaches you the opportunity to know yourself, your light~self in the Present.

Finish gambling with your heart. Don't try to figure out every answer. Try to be present at least once in your lifetime, without brainstorming and looking for explanations. The answers will arrive when your vibration is directed to your center. Flow with life, give yourself a chance to see your life from the self-love's perspective. Try it, feel free. Accept yourself. Fall in love with your uniqueness. Don't waste any more time fighting yourself. Relax in yourself, in your light. Love Yourself Now. Feel calm and immersed in the infinite serenity of inner peace. You arrive and begin to finally feel the power of

self-love emanating in your heart.

Be aware that the only thing that is yours, is You, Here and Now, in this moment.

And when you really love yourself, not from your mind, but you truly, profoundly love yourself from your heart and soul, and you feel the light of self-esteem in your veins, your whole energy dynamics will change. Your energy balance changes. Your vibration, your energy polarization, and the power around it changes. Your heart~center opens, through your self-love you are able to embrace the whole world and open to the perception of the small wonders of everyday life. You become a magnet for Light, you begin to attract the energies of abundance, flow, love, a healthy body, and you no longer want to think about everything anymore because you know that your intuitions quide you clearly in wholeness. You finally truly live and allow yourself to be in the present flow, and manifest in the frequency of Light.

Love & Light

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

Image: Jaya Prime Art

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