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  • What is the Tachyon Energy?
    You might have already heard about the Tachyon energy as Nikola Tesla, the well known inventor, mentioned and used this energy in some of his inventions at the end of the 19th century. Tachyon energy is one of the many forms of energy that is invisible to most of us, although like all such energies it surrounds us and passes through us all the time without our being aware of or disturbed by it. If the tachyon energy’s only properties were those attributed to it by modern physics, it would not merit our attention. But the esoteric properties of tachyons provide some insight into the potential significance of this energy form: “Like all constituents of matter, tachyons possess consciousness (...) [They] respond strongly to their environment and the needs of those who work with tachyons (...) Tachyons are (...) a manifestation of consciousness and form in flux.” (M. Bochnik / Danahanh, Terra Tachyon) The Tachyon energy has been academically defined and proved by MIT physicist Gerald Feinberg in 1964 who chose the name “tachyon” (from the Greektachys (rapid)) because tachyons are subatomic particles with no mass that travel faster than the speed of light. But they do have an energy all their own, and more recently tachyons have been defined as a form of free cosmic energy that surrounds our planet and penetrates solid matter.
  • What are Terra Tachyon Products made of?
    The Tequence system manufactured by Galaxy No. 1 Inc. is composed of glass, silk, wood, metal, stainless steel, plasticand liquids that are energized through a complex “tequencing” process that permanently alters the molecular and energetic structure of these materials. This “tequencing” process enables the materials to attract tachyon energy and array this energy around them. The materials retain this special propertythroughout their lives. This logo on Galaxy No. 1 tachyonproducts indicates that they are Materia Tachyon Incognita products.
  • How do Tachyons work?
    Tachyons have a balancing, structuring, activating and catalysing effect. This is of course a simplified description of their various mechanisms of action, which are applied and can be described on numerous levels. Thus, tachyons promote not only body-wellness but also emotional, psychological and spiritual health. This means that no matter which aspect of yourself you wish to change, strengthen, understand, renew, or grow tachyons can help you do it.The more often you wear a pendant or use some other product, the quicker you will see concrete results and the more easily they will come. The instant you hold or begin wearing a Terra Tachyon product, you are in effect inviting the tachyons to act on your body. I. Tachyons are sensitive to the individual person’s needs, which means that they enter the body and find their way to the place that is most in need of strengthening. II. They balance the energy in the entire body at both the physical and aura level. III. Anatomical regions that are out of balance are activated and potentiated in accordance with the individual’s disposition and at a tempo that is just right for them. IV. Tachyons motivate people to work on the unbalanced anatomical regions and to recognize the underlying causes of the imbalance. V. The problem is resolved when the imbalance in the problem area or areas is corrected. Once you have absorbed the amount of tachyon energy you need at a particular moment or have resolved a problem, the tachyon product stops radiating energy. Steps I-III occur instantaneously in any case, although you may not be conscious of it. Tachyon activation (step III) can provoke, as with homeopathic remedies, what is known as an “initial worsening” effect. The extent to which a person develops awareness (step IV) depends on their openness and their existing level of awareness. Step V requires more time and patience than any of the other steps.
  • Can I overdose with Tachyon Energy
    The simple answer is no. Although as with everything starting gently could be key to discover the qualities and effects of the Terra Tachyon Products Users of the Terra Tachyon products only receive the exact amount of tachyon energy that they need to restore the body’s energy balance, activate natural healing energy, or resolve a problem. This mode of action enables individuals who wish to change or improve any aspect of their life to do themselves worlds of good at their own pace. Tachyons have an extremely broad range of effects: the body as a whole, specific problem areas in the body, emotions, mental attitudes and patterns, the spiritual and emotional dimension – in short, every element of human identity and all the things that make us unique.
  • Can I abondon my mdeication in favour for the Terra Tachyons?An appeal to self responsibility!
    The information provided on this site is not meant to replace the advice of your personal medical doctor. This site does not dispense medical advice nor prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for any medical or physical condition without the advice of a physician. This material is provided for informational use only to help those interested in personal and spiritual growth. Use of this information is the responsibility of the reader
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