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The light~magic of the October's Full Moon in the autumnal energies

The wonderful autumn has arrived, the time of release and inner transcendence, by which the present Full Moon offers an even more powerful opportunity for renewal for all of us.

The light codes of the intense energies, coming through the magnificent light gate of the Full Moon, can result in a recalibration of consciousness. Be relaxed and try to consciously adapt to the new frequencies. Have the courage to finally let go of the old forever and work on the expansion of the new. Focus on the Present. Take the fact seriously that 'Here and Now' is the milestone of the future.

In the power of active cleansing light~energies, the compliance with cultural, social, upbringing norms, the imprints of repressed wounds and imbalances, the feelings of separation and alienation from the core of being, the recurring patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour can all be dissolved, and hidden, profound truths can be revealed to you about yourself, the world, and the universe. You can become one with the more complete parts of your True~Self, your Light~Self. Emotional, astral, and relationship levels are rearranged and healed. Now you can really clear the emotional, astral and heart power fields of your energy body. By the powerful, high dose, healing light~ essences of the Full Moon a recalibration is taking place.

All of these possibilities carry the process of emerging from the karmic cycle, as well as healing the emotional body and elevating human relationships to a higher emotional quality. By going through this profound shift, you could emerge from the limited three-dimensional consciousness, into a much more complete reality where you will perceive the world differently. The force fields of the mind~body~ soul levels are expected to increase. Current energies help with the heart-centred, honest, and soul-lifting connections. Spiritual abilities can become sharper and more sophisticated.

Through the today's Moon~Light Portal, you can draw from the light~fields of your cosmic reality. The capacity to do so is individual to everyone. It is determined by personal frequencies of consciousness.

I wish the Light~magic of the Full Moon to touch your hearts, by which a more conscious and fulfilled life can begin for you.


~ Lilla Szabo ~

Intuitive Therapist

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