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The birth of tachyons

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

And so this has been happening ever since.y human beings on earth to gaze at the heavens in awe, a truly wondrous event occurred.

In the far-off heavens, which were filled with radiant light and mysterious sounds, a male and a female dancer crossed paths. So absorbed were they in themselves and their respective dances that they collided, which generated a metallic clang that echoed in the heavens for a very long time.

After the two dancers had regained their composure, they began gazing at each other in amazement, for the male dancer had ever seen a female dancer before, nor had the female dancer ever seen a male dancer before. And then, with scarcely a moment’s hesitation and without a trace of coyness, they began dancing together. And the longer they danced, the more aware each became of the other’s rhythm and movements, and thus did they inspire, enchant and metamorphose each other.

The light in the heavens began to glow brighter and the heavenly sounds began accompanying this new dance that was being danced in the heavens for the very first time. The two dancers began rotating and moving in geometric patterns. Their love for each other had grown so immense that they soon began dancing very quickly and in complete harmony with each other.

Then suddenly, the metallic clang that they had generated when they collided returned from afar.

Although the sound was but an echo, it still had a powerful and enchanting effect on the dancers, who transformed it into a radiant vortex of crystalline light.

This vortex of light was more brilliant than all the light in the heavens and it was encircled by a sound that was made up of many different sounds.

 With each circular movement of their light-dance, the dancers sent a shower of small sparks twinkling into the heavens. Each spark carried within it the dance, the power and the love of the dancers.

And so this has been happening every since.

At some point, the people who had assembled under the heavens noticed these sparks, although some only felt them rather than saw them. And the ones who couldn’t see the sparks but could feel them knew they were there. The whole night long, the people surrendered to the enchantment of the sparks, immersing their bodies and spirits in the light of the two dancers. They did this over and over again, and when the night was over, they sallied forth refreshed, strengthened and healed.

They took their newfound knowledge to the four corners of the earth and people everywhere surrendered to the enchantment of the sparks and the strength they give.

And people being what they are, they felt the need to give these sparks a name so that whenever anyone heard this name, it would evoke an image, a feeling or an inkling of the strength and love that these sparks can impart.

Thus the term “tachyon” was coined – a word that describes the whirling dance of the male and female dancer that is still with us today.

/ Martina Bochnik-Danahanh /

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