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Supermoon ~ the possibilty of healing

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

As many of you can already experience it, this Supermoon comes with extremely powerful energies.

It can make you feel really restless, as you are releasing old issues from the past that are coming up to the surface in a stormy way.

Try to stay centred and grounded so you can better anchor yourself and deal with things when the energy hits.

Basically this is a huge opportunity now to figure out how do you value yourself,

who and what you consider yourself to be, how free you are from your fears, your limitations, your addictions, how much you can accept and love yourself and

your life as it is. You can experience the energies of higher~frequencies and vibrations. This energy shift can activate an increased subconscious~awareness of your circumstances, relationships and sense of self. Here and Now you can realise that only the power of love works truly and can bring the necessary changes. No point to run away from yourself any longer. Time to face with your own light, to align with your true values and your true self. When you allow the unconditional love and acceptance toward yourself to appear in your heart and you can feel this uplifting pure energy in your whole system, then you are ready to take control of your destiny and your life.

Be. Breathe. Observe. Allow the light to break through in you. Allow the energies to heal you and empower you.

May the power of Supermoon fill your heart, dear soul, with the light of unconditional~love and help you create your own reality through the power of limitless~light from now on.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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