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Step into 2021

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

This year has been challenging for all of us, in which our mind~ body~ spirit development has also been tested. The Full Moon Light~Portal which opened yesterday, provides us with an opportunity to close this year more consciously.

We were given the energy field where we have a chance to transform the imprints, energies, events, relationships we are still dealing with, to shed light on those parts of ours where is not yet operating according to our light~essence. Looking back now, it's worth taking an inventory and honestly admit to ourselves where we made a mistake, or what we just decided and did right this year ... What our decisions taught us ... How would we decide again if we followed the path of the heart, if we finally listened to the so many times oppressed, intuitive inner voices that come from our cosmic~self connected to the Universe. This period can bring profound insights, changes of soul and consciousness if we understand the teachings behind what is happening.

As we enter 2021, we will need to take responsibility for our own destiny and put what we have learned so far into practice, let us embark on the path of initiation in which we can become creative masters of ourselves. By force, by pushing aside the deepest desires of our hearts, our soul~needs, shrinking ourselves, carrying our wounds frozen to our souls, and strained by its constraints, we can no longer continue our journey. This year may have taught us enough to understand that, our lives can only be truly fulfilled by listening within, by opening our heart~ mind~soul unity, by taking on our deepest soul~parts.

We deserve to be freed, to free our souls from its blockages. We live life within the confinements of a dense physical body, life itself must be lived, experienced sometimes survived. By accepting this, we can be reborn in the sacredness of the moment, also realizing that existence itself is not enough, because laughing, hoping, believing, going, fighting, hurting, crying, sometimes resting are integral parts of life. Let us dare to feel, dare to live, if we have a painful memory, let us hug our souls, and allow to receive the light and love that fills these parts waiting to be healed. We allow life, the miracle of existence, to permeate with all its love and overwrite our pains, our grievances. Let us surrender to this healing and light~energy.

It is time for the fact to be permanently integrated into us that we are responsible for ourselves and responsible for each other. It is up to us how much joy we bring into our lives and into the lives of all beings of the world. It is time to awaken from the illusion of separation and experience the uplifting power of love and unity. Let's take this important element into the new year. Let us finally dare to appear in the material world with our real cosmic~self beyond our human limits, even if the current transformations on Mother Earth make it difficult to manifest it.

Remember, love is an act of the soul, the most sacred revelation of following — in perfect harmony with our souls — the intentions of the Universe. We dare to be a miracle ourselves, we dare to live our lives by experiencing the magic of our creative intent, to live our everyday lives through our cosmic~heart and the wholeness of our light~parts.

May all your pure~intended~wishes be fulfilled.

May you all experience the power of pure~light in your hearts.

May the Love & Light be the answer to everything in 2021 as well ... and always.

Wishing everyone to experience the power of Now through Light~Consciousness

with love:

~ Lilla Szabo ~

Intuitive Therapist

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