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Soul~light in matter

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

One of the greatest challenges of all your earthly journeys is to live and breathe the Truth of Who You Are and thereby create peace and harmony of the body-mind-spirit in your life. It is not enough to simply talk about it or meditate on it, it has to be manifested in the material world as well, it has to become the reality that you create and live. This requires total honesty about your life and your choices.

Do you live in the highest level of expression of your Soul in your daily life? In your work? In your relationships? Do you treat yourself with love and respect so that you can also treat others this way? Do you practice integrity, openness, humility, and generosity? Are you able to focus on love, joy, compassion, and gratitude on a daily basis? Do you truly allow your Higher Self to guide you as you follow the flow of cosmic love and abundance in your life? Do you really allow the Pure Light to permeate and support you in this new reality, or have you determined to hold onto the “old” in the energies of anger, fear, depression, and disempowered “victim”? Do you have the courage to fully open your heart in the world of duality? Do you dare to follow your truths encoded in your light~soul? Do you have the courage to reveal your cosmic~self even when those around you twist the expressions of your clairvoyance for the comfort of their own ego, or you allow your soul to be petrified to the conform of low vibration?

The experiences of all your lives since creation, are deeply integrated into the memory gaps of your soul, whether you remember them in the present or not. Every earthly life is a sacred journey and an opportunity to purify the unbalanced soul~parts, to correct your bad decisions. Through your journeys, you can reunite the aspects of yourself from the imprints of your previous earthly and cosmic lives, as well as the memories from beyond the veil, by bringing, dissolving them with Light into the Eternal Now.

Every moment of this life of yours, the NOW is an opportunity for enlightenment.

Your consciousness is constantly expanding, and by falling off the veils that obscure your clairvoyance, all aspects of you can be brought into the Light.

Remember! If you live from your highest level of identity as an all-encompassing consciousness, the cosmos becomes your resource~library. You have the opportunity to breathe in the timelessness of the stars. You can shape matter with your soul~light, which has become an integral part of the cosmic flow of the Universe. The choice is yours, dear soul. Remember, your reality is always determined by your choices.

The more we choose the new reality of conscious creation, the greater the chance in the Matrix of Collective Consciousness for the possibility of a peaceful, harmonious, light~conscious life on Terra.

Love & Light & Blessings

~ Lilla Szabo ~

Intuitive Therapist

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