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Path to The Self

Updated: May 6, 2020

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In this year you have gone through some of the toughest challenges, failures and setbacks that one can face. However, you didn't allow that to identify you or defeat you. You continued to courageously move towards your peace, purpose, blessing and joy in spite of it all. But there are situations where you really have to let everything fall apart, when you have to stop fighting for life you are outgrown. Sometimes it is necessary to have a break down in order to have a breakthrough. It has to turn into complete chaos before you redirected on your true path in life. However, trust that you will be okay, even if you can’t see how right now. For a while, everything may feel messy and hard, and you may feel scared and lost. But you know that very well, the old ways of living are gone, you feel it in every cell of your being. The more you would hold onto your past and the way things used to be, the harder the transition would be. Being in the now and the present moment is essential. Sometimes when everything in life looks negative, you just need a shift in your perception. Embrace the uncertainty. Embrace the loss. Embrace the fear. The dark tunnel of change leads to the light of possibilities, but first you have to go through it.

Here are some helping, supportive thoughts on how you can speed up and make easier the shifting process of consciousness:

1. Tune in to Nature and Mother Earth.

Spend as much time in nature as you can. While in nature take long, deep, satisfying breaths and allow your inner body to soak in the nourishment. Pay attention to the details around you, allow your heart and your higher consciousness to open up. Use all your senses: notice the smells, sights, feel, and tastes where applicable, and most definitely take in the sounds. Feel peace within. Feel your heart’s connection to the heart of Mother Earth. Allow your soul rejuvenate in this beautiful energy.

2. Respect yourself

You are the only one who can change your story and you do this when you change your relationship with yourself. Starting with self-respect is essential. It means respect your body when it’s asking you for a break. Respect your mind when it’s seeking rest. Honour yourself when you need a moment for yourself. Release everything that no longer represents you and is not worthy of your own light. This makes it easier to tune in to the cosmic energies, to step into the next level of your personal development, to experience the higher frequencies of Light.

3. Start to surround yourself with soul~responsible, inner light~minded people...

...who in addition to their day-to-day challenges and their earthly tasks they face, are capable of honest respect and love, are able to keep their soul~peace, are able to live the energy of joy, are able to be present with their hearts, in whom the humbleness for the sacredness of life is still alive, who choose consciousness instead of poisonous emotional dramas, who live their sacred earthly journey healed and in light through the connection to the cosmic love matrix by their own light~threads, thereby helping Mother Earth to heal as well.

4. Tune in to positivity.

Through your thoughts, words and feelings you create not only your perceptions about the world, but also affect your body and your health. The frequency of these three important elements are closely related. They must be coherent, equal in amplitude, have the same vibrational level to easily achieve the desired harmony in every area of your life. So start to align yourself with positive, loving thoughts, words and feelings.

your life always moves in the direction of your strongest thought and feeling.

5. Shift your frequency into Joy.

Feel good. Feel amazing. Have faith in your own~presence. Change the way you look at things. Focus on things that make you feel good. Master your focus. Smile from inner peace. Laugh from inner joy. Love yourself unconditionally. .. If you do these, you are harmonising yourself with limitless possibilities and aligning your vibration with the frequency of infinite abundance.

6. Focus on healing

The illness and pain are the extension of negative emotions projected on the body. Fears, anxiety, anger, over-thinking, many little negative imprints and responses, millions of self~torturing, low self-esteem thoughts, sentences, repressions that are so programmed in you, you don't even notice them... they all contribute to the illness of the body. When you begin to work insistently to release these patterns, you unlock the energies needed for the Instant~Healing. It is very important to understand that without self-acceptance and self-love it is harder, basically, there can be no complete healing. So enter into the love~vibration of your heart and let the healing begin. Remember: You ARE love~heart, diamond~mind and light~soul.

7. Be grateful

By tuning in to the frequency of gratitude, you increase the vibrational level of your consciousness. Being able to be grateful from the heart, so much so that an uplifting feeling of gratitude pervades your whole being and thank you in advance before your request is fulfilled, is one of the most powerful expressions of your Faith. A sign of a higher level of manifestation when you can say the following words to those who deceived you, betrayed you, lied to you, broke your heart: Thank you for strengthening me. Thank you for helping to realize and raise awareness of the Infinite Light of my own soul~purity.

8. Accept your feelings

Life seeks forms of expression, seeking self-expression through feelings. Be an observer of your feelings, get to know them. Do not create walls between the parts of your emotional body because of their quality differences. Accept them. Your emotions form unity, including the negatives. It is a piece of a whole … It's not that you have to become that one, just accept that it is part of the 3Ds human program. At the moment when acceptance is born, there is the possibility of overcoming, becoming free. Acceptance creates unity and, by the power of unity, you are no longer vulnerable of the dominance of your own negative emotions. You are free to bring them to life by giving them energy, or let them dormant inactively in your soul~program.

9. Listen within

Spiritual~Awakening is an inner process and work. It comes from a profound inner knowledge that there is so much more- than only a physical, visible 3D world- what is going on that most people can perceive. The process of awakening illuminates your heart and brings you into a place of connection to your own personal~wisdom, higher streams of consciousness and ancient~knowledge of cosmic source energy. The aim is to keep the personal matrix of Light at the highest frequency. When your physical and energetic body is operating at the highest possible level, you are able to interpret and channel Light as information, knowledge and wisdom. Let your intuitions guide you into the inner sanctuary of your heart, into the Light~Temple of Ancient~Knowledge. Feel the infinite peace and the power of unconditional love there. Through your definitely let this high frequency pervade your whole~being and purify the obstructions, karmic and unhealthy energetic imprints in your auric field. Allow this powerful energy to activate the Light~Codes of your DNA, which will automatically create a new physical and mental alignment with the Cosmic~Forces.

10. Be aware of the divine signs

The universe is giving you signs every day in your sleep, on your timeline, in your conversations, on the radio, in the clouds, in epiphanies and in many more different ways. Pay attention to them and piece them together. You will notice a pattern. The universe is communicating with you. All of these divine signs from the universe can be incredibly powerful. You just need to be open to receiving them. Even though you may sometimes be confused whether to listen to or accept the sign as some might not be as obvious as others. If you just take a leap of faith it will increase your spiritual awareness and make you trust your intuitions more. But! Don’t sit and wait for the universe to send you signals, that’s not how it works. The universe responds to your energy that you are putting out into the universe through your intentions. The key is to stay present. Your soul and the universe only communicate when you are in the present moment.

11. Reminder

The essence of your journey home is to return to your wholeness, to the inner~god, to the recognition of the limitless~light within and return to the highest vibration of inner peace. You create the path on a daily basis that is getting closer and closer to these. Reminding yourself to all of these can give you confidence and help you through challenging times.

Once you have found a connection with your original source, the Universe, you are free. As a result of your perseverance, the frequency of your entire system has risen to a higher level. The time has come to experience blessings and miracles in all areas of your life.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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