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Inner light

Image: Erial Ali Art

The light~drop of Silence whispers to your soul: come embrace and accept me ... let me become an island of light in your soul's sea, where there is always peace, where you can rest, where you can hear the songs of the Silence's star~crystals; In response, close your eyes, breath deeply and relax. Melt into the moment ...

In your soul's whispering~silence let the energy~ray of love as the crystalline fabric of light~intelligence be intertwined with your soul and let it shine as a Sun~Crystal in your heart's centre. In each of your heartbeat, you feel its supreme, vibrant power.

The butterflies of your happy soul~moments suddenly create a Light~vortex in the space around you. You recognize your souls's Cosmic~Sacredness, by which a creative Light~flower emerges in your heart. The stream of light breaks the linear~illusion of earthly reality and blesses you with the gift of clairvoyance. Your inner~ shine gives meaning to your existence, it vivifies you. The moments of recognition transform the essence of your reality... You are the Light in your heart. The Light~core lies within you like a spark, waiting to shine. You are your own radiance. You are your own Light~vortex. You are Love ... you feel its quiet flow in every cell of yours. You have arrived. Your soul thirsting for miracles has surrendered to the Infinite and by immersing in the rainbow~ sea of ​​love~ joy~gratitude~faith, your heart has opened like a flower... you surrender your earthly~self to the higher forces of Love. You accept the frequency of light~consciousness. You allow your crystal light~soul to come to life... From now on, every breath comes from your soul~strength, every single smile comes from your higher~heart, every single thought represents your higher~consciousness, every act represents your spiritual~strength.

The sacredness of your soul~light is eternal. You are blessed. Your humbleness is creative and almighty. You shine.

Blessings be on your journey, dear soul ... Namaste

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitve Therapist

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