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Halloween in the light~magic of the Full Moon

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

In the wonderful autumn energies, we live in a time of release and inner transcendence. The Light~power of the very intense Full Moon at the beginning of October could reach our deepest imprints and catalyze radical changes if we were really ready for it and took the inner call, the intention to change, seriously.

This year the light~magic of the Full Moon is passing through at the end of the month as well, by which we have a great opportunity for our soul~transformation. The intense transformations, dissolutions, releases that started at the beginning of the month can actually take place, we can permanently break through our suffocating imprints clinging to our souls and let go of what no longer serves the wholeness of our earthly journey, the enlightenment of our souls. The recalibration continues by the powerful, high dose, healing light~essences of this Full Moon as well, and it can and will be fulfilled. We received another supportive dose of Light from the Universe. Let's be grateful for it, even if the process is not easy. Remember, the power of our pure intent determines everything.

All this is complemented by the Halloween~energy that culminates on 31st October, the triumph of Light over Darkness, the Light~Portal between the earthly and spiritual worlds, which is the perfect opportunity to forgive, to finally solve our unresolved things with our loved ones on the other side of the veil. Let's light candles, not only for their memories, but also as a reminder as a symbol of our own Light. We should dare to call them loudly as they hear us, speak boldly of all that we desire from our souls so that we may find peace in loving forgiveness. Let's open our hearts so we can feel their embrace and bestow ourselves and them with the healing power of inner peace.

Be patient with yourselves if you experience a high degree of depression, fatigue, insomnia or just the opposite, increased need for sleep with very intense dreams. These are all inherent of frequency change and tuning. Be aware that you can permanently close a spiritual cycle and experience the final healing of the wounds brought and carried by your karmas and your bloodlines. What would you be waiting for, what would you be afraid of !? Take advantage of the supportive, empowering gifts of the current powerful Light~Portals. With your seeds of love planted in Mother Earth, thereby strengthening your roots in the material world, turn to the Light, enter boldly into your Light~nature. Finally, step permanently into your own Light. Invite the Love into your life. Love yourself unconditionally, so that your honesty towards yourself, your clarity, commitment, and wisdom can be fulfilled at higher frequencies from now on. Live by your hearts, accept your hearts as Light~Sources. Be the most complete expression of your true Self, despite the difficult times, celebrate Your Existence.

May your journey be blessed on Terra ... by the Light ... Now and Always.

~ Lilla Szabo ~

Intuitive Therapist

Image: Volodimir Kalina

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