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Full Moon Affirmations

At the Present Full Moon...

...I release all that no longer serves me.

... I release all lower vibrational frequencies.

... I release all pain, suffering, fear, victim role, self-pity, doubt.

... I release all that is not in alignment with my greatest and highest good.

... I release all beliefs, persons and situations, that attempt to blind me to my Wholeness and Light.

... I release all that distracts me from my life’s purpose, has planned by my soul prior to this incarnation.

... I release all beliefs, persons, and situations, that have prevented me from seeing the array of abundance and wonderful opportunities that continuously flow to me. I AM ready to receive it NOW and allow all I desire to come to me.

... I allow life to flow through me freely.

... I allow myself to have faith.

... I allow myself to feel unconditional love.

... I choose to be free.

... I choose to end the karma by forgiving everyone who has wronged me and asking forgiveness of all whom I have wronged.

... I choose to create my own life in co-creation with the Universe.

... I choose to stand in my full power.

... I choose to be balanced and empowered.

... I choose Love & Light & Peace.

May all these be fulfilled in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present, and future.

May the Healing Light of this Powerful Full Moon set you free, dear soul.

And so it is.

Love & Light & Blessings

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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