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Dare to listen within

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

We are afraid because we don't know who we really are. We live on the surface of things, because it is more comfortable, it seems more secure, than digging deep and to face the unknown, the reality above all, the essence of beyond the ordinary-earthly reality, the inner core of our existence.

If we knew the immensity and beauty within us, the wonderful crystal~fragments of our soul's light~matrix, we would without hesitation jump into the heart's power~field of our own light, the true center of reality.

Use this time to listen within, to get to know the parts of our soul that are hidden even from ourselves. Dare to lift the veil from our soul~pieces that have been completely forgotten in this sped-up, fast-paced world. Dare to listen within. Dare to quiet down. Remember the free inner child within us.

Get to know the silence, the power of inner peace, which is needed to release the imprints of our tensions. Hear the healing song of silence, let it fill our hearts, souls and minds, transcend our entire being. Let our soul be free from the pressure of the 3D world. Breathe to the core of our soul so the purifying light~field may appear. Feel as we are reborn, as the negative imprints in our cells dissolve in the power of light. Here we have the opportunity to have an intimate connection with our profound layers and live by it actively from now on. Let's become complete in our hearts by the power of silence of inner peace.

Accept that we live in challenging times. From a linear perspective everything seems confusing, however, it is still our decision how we see, live and respond to the world around us, within us and what we focus on. We can hold onto our old self and continue to tune in to fears and uncertainties or we can choose consciousness peremptory.

By remembering the essence of our light~core, integrating with the nature of our pure light, we can further develop ourselves into the higher dimensions of existence and experience the essence of a reality that goes beyond the illusion.

I wish all of you to recognise the importance of your higher~heart and have the courage to enter the limitless power~field of light~consciousness.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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