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22.09.20. ~ Autumnal Equinox

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Today is the day of Autumnal Equinox. It is a cosmic alignment with supportive balancing energies. It serves as a reminder to bring some balance into our lives, also could offer a moment of clarity when we become one with ourselves, nature, and everyone around us. We can feel the frequencies of unity, harmony and all-connectedness.

It is a powerful time to tap into the wisdom of the Earth, the light of the Sun, and realign with our profound connection with Source, and the entire Cosmos. It is important to step into our own power, the knowledge that we are Cosmic Beings of Light, having multiple life~streams, and we are here to assist with bringing ourselves and humanity back into alignment with galactic source~energy.

The Equinox energy is essentially an ascension trigger, an opportunity for us to undergo a major shift by letting go everything that no longer serves us. Basically it is all about balance. Explore that balance. Sit back into the inner peace of your heart and let the equilibrium begin. Ego games, negative thoughts, intensive drama, self-destructive energies can appear when you hold onto the past instead of freely letting it go. Do not be afraid any longer. Do not hold yourself back. Be grateful for this opportunity. Release into the Light, return to Love. By tuning in to your heart frequency and allowing… you make an alignment with the crystalline energy of Light, which is available for you to download and a reconnection with the matrix of light-consciousness. When you do this divine realignment, a cleanse, a connection, a recalibration will occur to your path and life's purpose. Your heart, your mind, your soul can feel deeply relaxed and peaceful. You really will feel that you are loved, you are supported, no matter what.

We are all in this together, so may this shift of Nature enlighten all of your mind, heart and spirit. May all you have a Wonderful Equinox experience and find balance in your hearts and lives.


~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

Image: Ashraful Arefin Photography

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