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21~12~2020 ~ Winter Solstice

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are going through a very powerful turning point. The approaching Winter Solstice is a powerful Light~Portal since ancient times. Cosmic alignment during this can also result in a kind of acceleration at the soul level and allow the "acceleration" of the transition between old and new frequencies. We can expect to experience more profound energies this year. They can catalyze an intensive transformation for those who are ready for it in heart~soul~mind.

The key is still the openness of our profoundly purified heart. For many, the Ego is still trying to control the situation, making it more difficult to finally put down our old, outdated robe and to assume and integrate our purified, new light~layer manifested in more conscious frequencies. The energies coming from the level of the Solar System reach all the way to the levels of human cells. Our entire energy system has the potential to be renewed. Planetary bodies aligned with the Galactic Core allow the levels of outdated, distorted holograms to collapse, and the activation of personal and collective Light~matrixes based on new foundations. We know that this distorted reality must disintegrate in order for us to reach the higher unity with our galactic, universal, and source origins. We are moving to the next level or stage of our journey, we can move if we are able to give up the old limited human thinking, we finally dare to trust with the full openness and infinity of our hearts. Give the new one a chance, even if many of them need a level of trust and knowledge that goes beyond the previous levels. Let us finally dare to closely integrate and connect our earthly life with our galactic Light~origin.

The Winter Solstice — the rebirth of Light — will forever declare that the light can and will always overcome the darkness: the light of the Sun is eternal and invincible, as is the light of the Pure~Spirit. This period also offers us the opportunity for rebirth, when we consciously choose the path of Light and Heart and distance ourselves from negative people and energies, consciously exclude dark, low-frequency vibrations from our daily lives, and allow the matrix of the Light~Portal to confirm the pure intention of our chosen path.

We are integrating this year, which through its many challenges and teachings has brought us the purification and enlightenment of our hearts, the dominance of our soul~light. We step into the sacredness of our own Light~Temple and celebrate the infinite presence of Light.

We can raise awareness, speed up and deepen the current powerful tuning processes with the use of Terra Tachyon products.


~ Szabo Lilla ~

Intuitive Therapist

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