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We are at the last powerful energetic gateway of an intense, soul-transforming year.

Todays's 12:12~Portal begins a series of Cosmic Events, continuing on Sunday with the Geminids Meteor Shower, which will be completed on Monday by the New Moon and the Eclipse in Sagittarius. This energy gate is not only preparing us for the Winter Solstice, but also leads us into 2021.

With the appearance of the 12:12~Portal, the time has come for a profound inner transcendence, rebirth and transformation, which is available for all of us. This is a time of complete renewal, when with the support of the Universal energies, we can discover all aspects of our being and commit ourselves to the processes of spiritual purification to move on the path of higher dimensional consciousness. All those who want to achieve the higher vibrational frequencies of the enlightenment must do the necessary cleansing work to raise their own vibration. The intent of this may come from the deepest purity and desire of the heart only, to reach its source and merge more fully with the core of cosmic~origin.

Currently, we can cleanse the old dense energies, the imprints fossilized on our souls and hearts. / We can continue this energy work for the rest of the month./

High-frequency light~waves coming through the 12:12~Portal can help raise our vibration levels. To do this, however, we need to take it seriously and start the radical Heart~cleansing work. This means letting go of past patterns of behaviour, attitudes, and connections that no longer serve us. We need to clarify the places where we store judgments, insults, abuses, doubts and fears. By the breakthrough born in the depths of our hearts, the soul~liberating releases, the energies of forgiveness, the power will also be born to integrate love, compassion, humbleness and patience into their place.

Many of us have been running old programs for many years, so long that it didn’t even occur to them that what they thought was the highest good was actually serving their Egos. They live in a self-deception of their fake~reality. But as we have seen, it is never too late to change. The possibility of clarity lies before you in the Here and Now. You could use this opportunity. Use this opportunity.

This period offers us the possibility of a Light~initiation that can put our lives into a whole new perspective, in which the cosmic~consciousness is placed above the materiality, but at the same time forming a close integration with it. Within the Light body system, it allows us to align with our most original, ancient Self in our physical reality, to adjust to our cosmic~human light~essence. Wisdom of our ancestors, predecessors and higher selves providing a sacred galactic portal that will assist in our ascension and activation of our light body system and embodiment of sacred universal truths.

We can go through a radical transformation, integrate many updates, very quickly, which can often lead to intense physical symptoms. Let's be patient with ourselves. Let us be aware that our symptoms are only temporary, the real change is happening within us, with the activation of the light~codes of our DNA. We can experience spiritual experiences, intense dreams, or even ‘deja vu' during the transformation. It is very important to hand over control to the Universe, to our deepest intuitions that act as a connecting bridge. Pay attention to the signs that appear in your everyday life. Let's learn to recognize them.

When we are truly ready to extend our soul~wings and by overwriting our fears we are able to surrender to the flow of the Universe, we can experience the everyday life of a higher level of consciousness where the basic nature of Light is Love, and it will dominate with its aspects in the material world. We will experience the creative power of the inner deep connection to ourselves and the Source, the balance of inner peace with a powerful change of consciousness, the wisdom of galactic consciousness that integrates into the light~crystals of our Heart~Sanctuary.

May the Peace of Limitless Light fill your hearts on your earthly journey Now and ... Always.

Love & Light

~ Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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