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12/12 ~ The final Full Moon of the decade

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

By meditating at the time of the full moon, you have a great opportunity to acknowledge your deep connection to the universe and to all of nature. You can experience transcendent interconnection that exists between humanity as a whole and all sources of light, love and power.

The Full Moon presents you with a chance, a time in which you can allow spiritual energies to reach more intensively your human heart and mind. The light energy is more directly available in this alignment. A cosmic portal opens and healing light flows into your consciousness and heart. You can align with your true divine self and can manifest all that you desire. This channel of light is extremely strengthened. You can easily become part of the matrix of light~consciousness.

The last full moon of the year is always a preparation for the new year ahead of us as well.

It is a chance to unite with the energies of the full moon and release of all the thoughts that would lead you to procrastination, resignation, excessive sacrifice, and silence. Let go of everything that prevents you and yourself from being connected to your highest light frequency. Carrying heavy burdens does not bring the expected development, you are getting tired and energy-less.

Now is the time to stop for a moment and look at these carried burdens very carefully and get on the path of your heart. You no longer have to make excuses anymore, you just have to move on and instinctively step into your independence, experience your natural state of freedom and clear out what no longer serves to manifest what is truly aligned with your soul’s purpose.

May the Blessing of the last powerful Full Moon of this decade fill your heart with light & love.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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