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Emerald Green TT~3

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The next colour, I would like to share some information about, is the Emerald Green.

Green has strong associations with nature and the environment. We are surrounded by many beautiful nature~provided green wonders on Earth. We should be so grateful for that as this wonderful green nature~energy around us basically in a spontaneous way

( just a walk in nature, in a park, surrounded by grass, flowers trees, spend time in a forest, etc. ) helps us to find balance, recharge our batteries, heal our souls and connects us to Mother Nature by grounding us. Grounding and being grounded is one of the main necessary aspects of a balanced life in a 3D world. Actually nature/green means life, renewal, harmony, freshness, energy for us.

Green is the colour of the heart and is associated with the fourth chakra, which is located in the centre of the chest and encompasses the heart, lungs and the thymus.

The more open your heart is, the stronger your immune system is.

By helping you to let go of negativity, it creates positive actions and outcomes. This heart chakra based energy is a stepping stone to a successful abundant life, love and gives you the strength to overcome any problems in your life. It is not only the colour of luck, but it is thought to help balance emotions and promote a sense of clarity. Helpful when we have to make decisions that pertain to matters of the heart. It exerts a calming influence in stressful situations and helps us to recharge our batteries when we’re extremely tired. But most importantly it can help overcome fears.

Fear is one of the most basic human emotion. All of us know this unpleasant feeling or thought that we have when we are frightened and worried by something dangerous and painful or bad that is happening or might happen. In the current situation that we are going through worldwide, many of us feel strong fear, anxiety about the uncertainty of our future.

Feeling afraid is very natural - and helpful - in some situations, but most of the time it is a distraction. It shrinks us, diminishes our heart, our light, blocks our energy system.

It separates us from our true nature. The physical sensation of fear is very determining on human level, so it is one of the hardest tasks in our earthly life to transform.

The green TT products can help you with this challenging task and overcome this negative aspect of life. If we truly wish to change the world for the better, we need courage, conscious commitment, loyalty, cooperation, compassion, love, we should realise who we really are and understand that fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. We have to decide what will define us: fear or love. Fear is not real. Fear is a choice. Once we realise who we really are on a profound level, we will never be afraid again. So we really need to open up our heart solidly , consciously and on every level. Fearlessness is the aim, it is indeed. Tha's what we really need.

Please keep it in mind that this information is a guideline only, as every person has a different reaction to TT products, depending on imprints, openness of the heart, individual consciousness etc.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any TT products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blessing to you all and stay safe.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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