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Aqua TT~2

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

One of the main reason I think it is important to continue the mini-series on colours with the Aqua Terra Tachyon products because the aqua colour is associated with the respiratory system. The primary organs of the respiratory system are the lungs, and also includes the throat, larynx and trachea areas.

As the Covid19 targets this area it might be worth considering to use aqua products more frequently. Even if you have never focused on the importance of colours but feel adventurous and open-minded you might want to give it a try.

Generally, aqua has a vibrant, striking tone, as it is also part of the "cold colours", it can calm your soul and create an instant sense of home and belonging for you.

It is associated with communication in the broadest sense of the term. It provides you with optimal support wheater you are on the phone, giving a lecture or presentation selling a product or writing an email or a book.

This is the colour of creative awareness and expanded communication in a global way. It can balance the heart and brain qualities, can also help to be resilient. It is a powerful tool to have the capacity to overcome difficulties, tragedies more effortlessly.

As they say, this is the colour of the Age of Aquarius. In some tradition, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is marked by the awakening of the Ananda khanda chakra, which is also called Higher Heart Chakra. This chakra associated with the thymus, and it is located on the upper chest, between your heart and the upper right side under the clavicle

In this challenging time, it might be beneficial to work on this chakra.

It can strengthen your immune system by releasing sadness, disappointment, guilt, grief, repressed anger, dissolve patterns of not being honest with your Self, through which your heart can open up and you can expand your intuitive abilities.

It might help you to connect your mind and spirit to receive deeper truths for your life path. Remembering the true nature of your Light aided by this chakra is helping you to feel connected to your Soul~Star Family around you and is integrating you to a new level of Universal Love.


As you can see, this colour is also available in many forms. In my experience, every aqua product regardless of the form has a subtle water~energy quality, a kind of cosmic~water which purifies us on every level while working with any aqua coloured shape. Like a shower, it washes through every layer of our energetic body to help us to purify our system from low vibrational blockages, imprints that no longer serve us. Naturally, our pure profound intention for change is essential for a positive outcome.

Please keep it in mind that this information is a guideline only, as every person has a different reaction to TT products, depending on imprints, openness of the heart, individual consciousness etc.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any TTproducts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blessing to you all and stay safe.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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