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The Eridanus constellation, known as the Celestial River, in spiritual meaning it is also translated as the River of Enlightenment. It symbolises the journey of the spiritual awakening of the human soul.

As the first step, it is very important to realise and pay attention to our inner being, our heart, our intuition and our inner feelings.

Through our own enlightenment process we have received the quest to channel through this celestial stream the language of light and helping others with their journey of soul awakening.

Our aim is to accelerate the realisations, awakenings of the heart, through our channellings and the powerful energy of the Terra Tachyons. We are not only human beings, but cosmic beings as well going through this earthly experience in linear time. By true intent, we are happy to connect everyone to higher levels.

"In space there are countless constellations. There are 88 of them officially recognised since 1922 is based on the 48 listed by Ptolemy in his Almagest in the 2nd century.

The 88 constellations depict 42 animals, 29 inanimate objects and 17 humans or mythological characters.

The ancient Sumerians, and later the Greeks (as recorded by Ptolemy), established most of the northern constellations in international use today. When explorers mapped the stars of the southern skies, European and American astronomers proposed new constellations for that region, as well as ones to fill gaps between the traditional constellations..."

Star Constellation Chart
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