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Supermoon ~ the possibility of the soul's rebirth

In the energies of the May's Supermoon, we can once again self-examine what are the mental burdens, suppressions that we still cling to and have a deeper understanding why we cannot love ourselves unconditionally, live in the Present, and enjoy our lives in the Here and Now. Inner struggles, old wounds, unanswered questions can come to the surface, and by dissolving them, a deep inner transformation can take place, which can help us to be optimistic and outline the images of our future with positive thoughts. In this emotionally and mentally stressful period, I think everyone really needs it now. Let's breathe deeply and allow the present moment to become the bubble of release, in which we have the opportunity to dissolve, transform, and release all 3D, dense, low-resonance, negative energy that no longer serves the development of our crystal consciousness and does not represent the purest and highest level of Light. Our cosmic~light creates a sacred place in our hearts here on the earthly level and in every dimension of our being. In the multiplied energies of the Moon, our intuitive portal is open to receive light-conscious information. We can align the light codes of our DNA with the frequencies of the Cosmic Heart and Mother Earth's Heart. We can express our intention for cellular transformation, by which we can free each of our cells from the illusion of limited thinking. The wonderfully bright moonlight is a perfect reminder for us that limitless love and light are our home. By connecting with our higher selves, we can definitively confirm our intentions: We are ready to let go of our negative imprints. We are ready to live without fear.

We are ready to love ourselves unconditionally. We are ready to live with all our hearts. We are ready to choose happiness. We are ready to experience the present moment. We are ready to find our own truth. We are ready to integrate with our divine self. We are ready to stand up for ourselves. We are ready to create with our cosmic heart. We are ready to create our own reality. We are ready to shine. Both on personal and collective levels of consciousness.

In the magical power of the Supermoon, let's remember that we are channels of Light. Blessed be our rebirth in the sacredness of Infinite~Light.

~Lilla Szabo~

Intuitive Therapist

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